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The practice

Our practice in Mainz has been in operation since 1976. Along with general civil law, we offer services primarily in the following areas:

Attorney for immigration to german
International contract law
Residence rights
Immigration law
asylum law
Commercial law
Inheritance law
Trade relations between Germany and Iran
Family law
Criminal law
Labour law
Transportation law
Tenancy law
immigration to Germany

Our lawyers can advise you according to the respective specialist field of law.

When giving legal advice, we take the financial interests of our clients into account, as well as the practicability of the solutions we suggest.

Our secretaries are happy to take care of any queries you may have or put you straight through to one of our lawyers.

Rechtsanwälte Glöser Hechmat & Kollegen
Gartenfeldstraße 3
55118 Mainz

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